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We have moved to the Pittsburgh Dance Alloy at
5530 Penn Ave, 15206 (Note: please do not mail to this address.)
See the "schedule" link for current times as of 4-01-2016.   

For information, email vince@pittsburghkungfu.com

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Pittsburgh Kung Fu is independently owned and operated, specializing in the Northern Kung Fu System of the Chin Woo (Jing Wu) Association, the Ying Jow Pai Eagle Claw Kung Fu System, and Yang Family Style Tai Chi.

Our training courses encompass all areas of traditional Chinese martial arts training including: physical conditioning, strength and flexibility training, self-defense, qin na (joint locking), weapons training, qi gong (breath work), and moving meditation.

Our school offers a variety of traditional Chinese martial arts classes. We have classes for every age group and ability level, from children through seniors, beginner through advanced study. Classes are taught by professionally trained instructors.

We're located in the Pittsburgh Dance Alloy and currently offer classes 2 days per week.

Whether you're new to martial arts, or looking for a place to continue your previous training, we have classes to meet your needs. Classes can provide a great and entertaining method of exercise, help with stress-reduction, and teach you skills for self-preservation. Updated 3-28-2016.